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Policies Governing Operations at the Pecan Tree Kennel

I.   Training and Boarding Services:

A.  Services may be prepaid.

B.  Services will be billed by the first of each month.  If payment has not been received by the 15th day of the month, our services will be discontinued as of the 16th, and your dog will be held until payment has been received.

II.  Dog Pick Up:

A.   No dog may be picked up or removed from The Pecan Tree Kennel without permission granted by Bill Johnson, owner, or authorized personnel of The Pecan Tree Kennel. Entry to The Pecan Tree Kennel without authorized permission is not allowed.

B.    No dog may be removed from The Pecan Tree Kennel unless full payment has been received prior to pick up.

C.    If dogs are to be picked up by someone other than the owner, advance notice must be given by phone or letter.

III.  Dog Purchases:

A.    Dogs purchased from The Pecan Tree Kennel must be paid for at the time of purchase, unless purchased by phone.

B.   Dogs purchased by phone must be paid for in full within ten (10) days from the date of purchase and prior to pickup.

C.   No dogs are sold on trial.

IV.  Dogs Brought To Be Sold Through The Pecan Tree Kennel:

A.   A commission equal to 20% of the dog’s sales price will be charged.

B.   A regular monthly training fee of $735.00 will be charged each month for each dog contracted to be sold through The Pecan Tree Kennel.  This charge will be figured from the arrival date of the dog(s) to be sold and conclude on the date the dog(s) is picked up and removed from The Pecan Tree Kennel, regardless of whether the dog was sold or not sold.

 V.   Observation of Dogs:

A.     All dogs will be shown on The Pecan Tree Kennel grounds on liberated quail.

VI.    All dogs at The Pecan Tree Kennel are believed to be in good health.  If you should have any concern about a purchased dog's health, you may at your expense take the dog to the veterinarian of your choice for examination.  This examination of the newly purchased dog must be completed within seven (7) days from the date purchased at the expense of the purchaser.  If the dog is found to have a health problem, you may return the dog and receive a full refund, if the dog is returned within ten (10) days from the date of purchase to The Pecan Tree Kennel.




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