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Dog Breeding

The Pecan Tree Kennel features a breeding program designed to produce excellent bird hunting dogs. We carefully select the Sire and Dam, taking into consideration their pedigrees, but more importantly, their individual characteristics. Size, style, nose, desire, drive, and keen bird sense are all factors that weigh heavily in our selection of a Sire or Dam in our breeding program.

We currently have several English Pointer, English Setter, Boykin Spaniel, Brittany Spaniel, and German Shorthair males, that have proven to be outstanding sires, available for service. Remember! Our goal is to produce puppies that easily develop into outstanding bird hunting dogs.

English Setter
White, Black, and Tan

Corky is one of our excellent English Setter sires. Corky is, simply speaking, a Super Star among Super Stars. He is a good covey dog, strong on singles, covers a tremendous amount of country with a snappy, effortless gait. His nose is second-to-none in the world and he is a great retriever and dead-bird dog. With unbelievable bird sense, many hunters who have enjoyed hunting over Corky say, “He can smell birds where they were last week!”

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have a desire to acquire
additional information about the stud dogs we presently offer for service.





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